Jim Clark Honored as Kokich Shapiro Lecturer


Two of Jim‘s favorite places: in the cockpit of a plane (above) and on the beach at Playa del Carmen with adorable main squeeze Denise (below)

Jim’s contributions to dental photography are priceless.

His years of guiding orthodontic students through the complicated maze of imaging have turned him into a hero for our many Department graduates and faculty. Along the way, he has also become a noted speaker worldwide. His dedication to detail and nuance are matched with his great sense of humor; those listening to Jim leave the lecture hall enlightened and smiling.


Sharing What He Loves

Jim_Clarke_photo2And so it was with the 2009 Kokich Shapiro Lectureship, where Jim presented “Dental Photography: From Diazos to Terabytes” on October 2nd. His lecture covered the evolution of dental photography and his personal perspective of 37 years in the field. He led the attendees through the “early days” of slide photography (and waiting for the images to return from processing—remember?) to current creative use of imaging software and equipment. Jim interspersed his lecture with humorous anecdotes, and let the audience in on some of his personal loves, such as flying, and restoring classic cars. Nothing, however, matched his acknowledgement of the love of his life, wife Denise.

Giving Back

It especially hurts to see someone so loved battle a debilitating disease. Jim was diagnosed with ALS this past spring and, although his spirit and attitude are incredible, he must fight to use his increasingly weakened muscles. The UWOAA Board agreed that, while we can’t possibly thank Jim enough for his years of guidance, we can share our gratefulness to him through a dedicated area for dental imagery: The Jim Clarke Imaging Center. This Center will someday house state-of-the-art imaging equipment to help our orthodontic students and faculty move forward with those skills shared by Jim for so many years.

The outpouring of support for Jim‘s Center has been immediate and strong. With over $167,000 pledged and $80,000 paid thus far, the Center is on its way to reality. Should you wish to join your colleagues and help the Jim Clarke Imaging Center move forward, your donations are most appreciated.